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Recurrence was created using the Unity game engine, using Monodevelop and Visual Studio to program as well as 3DS Max for models. It was created over 26 weeks by a team of four, 3 designers and one 3D Modeler with numerous people contributing to the project for audio and voice work. I was the level designer on this game and created the layout of the game as well as some ideas of events that could occur during the game.

Living the reality of a husband, steadily losing his love and his mind, as his wife's sanity declines. Recurrence is a first person experience, where players find themselves reliving broken memories of a troubled marriage. No matter how hard you try to leave, something seems to be bringing you back. What happened to Christine? Why are you being dragged back and reliving another nightmare? Another episode of Christine's madness.Will you be able to leave?

Published Mar 05, 2017
AuthorMitchell Crane
TagsMystery, Walking simulator


Recurrence.exe 19 MB